• "Life, Legacy & Love," A Maple Burl Carving for Big Papi"Life, Legacy & Love," A Maple Burl Carving for Big Papi
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...and suddenly, it's 2017!

It's been said... "Time flies when you're having fun!"

Well... for those of you who have attended any of my seminars, the passage of "Time" can take on a whole new meaning!

At the Vermont Raptor Academy, and in Gwinn, Michigan at Krausmann's, in addition to "FUN," toss in... Hard work, Focus, Creativity, Learning, Confidence, Accomplishment, and most importantly... Improvement!

Then you'll see, Time won't simply "Fly." It will seem as though it's reached LIGHT SPEED!! Continue...

Class Schedule

Classes for 2017 are filling up quickly! If you are considering a class, please don't hesitate to confirm your participation. Check out the schedule.

Colleague's Book!!

Talons in the Sky BookFloyd was honored to write the forward for "Talons in the Sky," by photographer Steve Maslowski. Looking closely at eagles, hawks, and owls, the great hunters of the avian world, this book is a great reference for bird enthusiasts and carvers alike.

Latest Book!!

Peregrine Falcon Book"Peregrine Falcon: Dynamic Carving and Painting Techniques for a New Era"

Scholz "Original" Raffle

"This year I raffled off one of my original carvings, a life-size Cooper's Hawk. A limited number of tickets were sold with 25% of the proceeds going to the V.I.N.S. Raptor Rehab Facility. The winner is John Mello from Rhode Island!"

Floyd's Big Adventure!

"I had the incredible opportunity to create a very special carving for David Ortiz, better known as "Big Papi," the retired slugger and team leader of the Boston Red Sox, AND to present it to him at his charity golf tournament in the Dominican Replublic." Read more...

Interested in a Floyd Scholz Original?

Floyd welcomes the opportunity to discuss your project.

Celebrating 20 years of Vermont Raptor Academy

May 12, 1996 was the first seminar in the Hancock, VT Schoolhouse!