• Floyd Scholz with Raven CarvingFloyd L. Scholz, Master Bird Carver, with Northwood Raven completed for a collector in British Columbia
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Floyd Scholz, Master Carver

"I'm nowhere near the end of where I plan to be."

I was digging through a box of old correspondence recently when I came across that statement, something I had scrawled on a piece of paper years ago. The more I thought about it, the more I realized how true those words remain in my personal philosophy.

One thing hasn't changed over my years of bird carving, and that's my commitment to positive change. I've been carving birds out of wood for about 45 years. As a professional artist and instructor, I'm constantly striving to keep my work fresh and exciting by developing new and more efficient ways to carve and paint. Change is essential if you want to grow as an artist. In fact, life itself is about change. Like a good bottle of wine, we should all improve with age—and so should our carving and painting.

Together let's explore my exciting world of Birds, Art, Woodcarvings, Literature and Learning. As you delve deeper into my website, my love of Birds and passion for Art will shine through. I'd like to share with you my 46 year journey celebrating the splendor of the birds around us through the beautiful and traditional art of bird carving.

Floyd Scholz

Floyd Scholz, Bio

A professional carver since 1983 and with over 50 years of carving, Floyd Scholz is universally recognized as a top carver of birds in the world. His portrayal of eagles, hawks, owls and many other large birds has won him a large international following and many top awards at major shows throughout the country. When not in his studio, traveling and doing essential field studies of birds take up most of his time.

"Since 1968 I've had the pleasure of pursuing what has become my life-long passion of transformation—taking a block of wood, and with careful planning and carving, transforming it into a beautiful bird. I've been teaching the art of bird carving since 1990. It's been since then that my life has really opened up through teaching. I've had the privilege of working with and getting to know some of the finest people in the world!"

Scholz's work has been included in the prestigious Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum "Birds in Art" exhibition and has been featured in many publications including People Magazine and Smithsonian Studies in American Art. His work is included in many important collections worldwide, and he has been featured on many television shows nationwide.

Scholz is also the author of the best selling books "Peregrine Falcon: Dynamic Carving and Painting Techniques for a New Era," "Owls," "Birds of Prey" (now in its fifth printing) and "Carving and Painting a Red-tailed Hawk," published by Stackpole Books. Scholz's sculptures are in great demand, and his larger works routinely command prices of several hundred thousand dollars.

Scholz moved to Vermont in 1980 after graduating from Central Connecticut State University with a B.S. degree in Industrial Education. This former NCAA decathlon champion was interested in hiking, birds of prey, working with wood, and learning to play the banjo. He wasn't sure how those ingredients would fit together in the form of a career, but the Green Mountains of Vermont seemed like a good place to sit back and let life simmer while things sorted themselves out. At first, Scholz intended to teach school, but he found that logging paid better, and the physical labor was rewarding. He later worked for a building contractor, and then in 1983 began carving full time.

FantailScholz enjoys the drama, grace, and mystery of birds of prey, and his sculptures depict the birds in a highly animated way. He has spent thousands of hours observing hawks and eagles in the mountains near his home, and he has watched them as they interact with their environment, playing in the wind above the cliffs of Mt. Horrid or hunting in a spruce thicket along the White River. Hawks are birds of action and high drama, and that's how he portrays them.

With the seed of desire to learn more about these elusive creatures firmly planted in his soul, it was with fanatical drive and determination that he entered an open door to a new world of possibilities and discovery in his adopted state. "My life's passion of celebrating the spirit and majesty of birds through the medium of wood and paints could not have fully blossomed without the stimulating environment provided by such a beautiful and diverse state as Vermont."

Press & Media

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"My photographer, Ellyn Siviglia, put together a slide show with banjo music that I absolutely love!"

Floyd Scholz

Feb 13, 2018, Bird Calls Radio #114 interview.

Nov 2014 Profile in West Lebanon, NH Valley News: "The Soul of Birds"

The Summer 2012 and Summer 2014 issues of Wildfowl Carving Magazine featured carvings by Floyd on the cover as well as:

The Spring 2006 and Winter 2007 issues of Wildfowl Carving Magazine featured carvings by Floyd on the cover and a preview of the Golden Eagle book.

April 2008, featured on NPR's The Story with Dick Gordon. (Click to play the 50 minute interview above the short summary.)

Studio Location

Scholz's studio is located in Bennington, Vermont at the Bennington Center for the Arts.