• Life, Legacy & Love, A Maple Burl Carving for Big Papi
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Life, Legacy & Love A Maple Burl Carving for Big Papi

Just as the sturdy gold chain draped around the champion's neck proclaims success, the gold links encircling the sculpture's base unify the multi-faceted life and career of this great champion.

A pearl heart inlayed upon the capital of the small Island nation of the Dominican Republic marks the beginning of the journey. With hard work and a dream, a great talent grows to one day inspire a team, a city and a nation.

Over 16 seasons a legacy is forged upon the dusty diamond. Hit follows hit, inspired by the motivating memory of a dearly departed Mother. Hands and heart directed skyward with each crossing of home plate pay a silent tribute.

Batting helmet and bat have now come to rest.

The roar of the crowd falls silent.

Perched above it all, as from the beginning, a pair of Palm Chats, the Dominican Replublic's national bird, ponder their next move.

And from on high, an Angel looks down and smiles.

See Floyd's presentation of the carving to Big Papi at The David Ortiz Celebrity Golf Classic.