• Requiem, Lifesize Raven 2020
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"Requiem" 2020 Lifesize Raven

Few Birds capture the human imagination more than the Raven. Both revered and reviled by superstitious civilizations, humans throughout history have been touched by their haunting croaks, shrieks, intelligence, and large, dark formidable presence. Ravens are indeed creatures occupying a special place all their own! Such a perfect model of evolutionary adaptation, it's no wonder these magnificent birds are looked upon with such awe.

Capturing the essence of one's subject in carving and painting is the ultimate challenge. I have been wanting to carve a life-size Raven in a highly animated pose perched upon a stylistically foreboding base for quite some time. Inspiration came one cloudy, late-Fall day in Vermont as I watched a murder of Crows socializing on the exposed root snag of a long-fallen tree. The roots, bleached white by the sun, took on the appearance of bones.

This image stayed with me for years and finally was brought to life in my Raven “Requiem.” A year and a half were devoted to bringing this “pet project” to fruition. Completed during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, I chose what I think is a most relevant title to reflect this dangerous and anxiety-ridden time we're living in…

Not a drop of black paint was used to replicate its shimmering velvet-like plumage.