• AmericaAt Ward 2018: Floyd says "it is a bird CARVING show after all, so I sought to display a bird carving. My minimalist approach omitting a base or habitat allowed the viewer the unobstructed freedom to focus on the power and majesty of the eagle itself."
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Ward Carving Competitions

Floyd attends the Ward World Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition most years in a variety of roles including judging, presenting, and entering carvings.

The video above was compiled at the 2014 show by good friend and fellow carver Shana of HAPPYSHIVER.

Ward Foundation Appearances & Events

Ward 2020 Milestone

Update: Unfortunately, the April 24-26, 2020 Ward World Championships has been cancelled. This year would have been the 50th anniversary of Ward events and an important milestone in the history of decorative bird carving. I look forward to seeing everyone next year.

April 24th, 25th, and 26th, 2020 will mark an important milestone in the history of decorative Bird carving. During that weekend, carvers from around the world will come together in Ocean City, Maryland to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Ward World championships, and personally I can't wait!

This annual celebration means so much more and is so much bigger than any of us simply winning a ribbon or two for a well executed bird carving. It's a special time to renew old friendships, share ideas and techniques and marvel at the astounding level of perfection, precision, creativity and love that is crafted into each and every work of art. I say "work of art" and I mean it... Bird carving is not wooden taxidermy. It is first and foremost pure sculptural art which serves to celebrate one of the most diverse and beautiful group of creatures ever to inhabit this amazing planet!

Let's work to keep the vision of its founders alive and vibrant!

This IS important! I look forward to seeing you all there!

The 2019 Ward World Championships

During the past 37 years an annual springtime pilgrimage to Ocean City, Maryland is something I have always look forward to.

The Ward World Championships of Wildfowl Carving defies explanation. Part competition, part trade show and total immersion of the traditional art of Bird carving, this unique event draws enthusiasts of the art from all over the world. Old friendships are renewed, ideas are exchanged and a general feeling of mutual admiration fills the air during the three day long celebration.

Personally, it's a chance to reconnect in person with the best carvers in the world, and marvel at the surprise meeting of newcomers who often display a dazzling array of fresh concepts, insight and ideas. It's a chance to load up on prime Tupelo Wood for my upcoming year of classes and restock my own private stock for my many important commissions. My work has become what it has as a result of the exposure and learning from others in the field who I admire.

Leaving my ego at the door, I arrive with an open mind knowing that, win or lose, I will always come away physically and mentally exhausted yet buoyed by an optimistic feeling that in spite of this digital, mass produced world we find ourselves in, the traditional arts are thriving!

2018: "Thinking BIG"!

Carving and painting Eagles and other large Birds of Prey with Floyd Scholz

Floyd will present a Signature Lecture in the Performing Arts Center on Friday April 27, 2018 from 2:00-3:00 pm.Dignity

"For most carvers, the very thought of tackling something as big as a Lifesize Eagle can be a daunting proposition. Research, design, tools and materials are key factors to consider before you ever begin the actual carving."

Don't miss this rare learning opportunity! Join renowned raptor carver Floyd Scholz, one of the artform's most famous carvers as he takes you on a journey of creation. Drawing upon his 50 years of experience having carved 20 life-sized eagles, he'll share his thoughts, approach and special techniques with you through an engaging audio/visual and hands-on demonstration.

Floyd will also enter the subject eagle, "Dignity," in the World Championships, and present this year's Living Legend award!

Ward World Championships

"When attending and subjecting your artwork to a judged competition as grand as the Ward World Championships held annually in Ocean City, Maryland, one must be pragmatic. Being the competitive type of person that I am, for many years I went with the thought that the success or failure of that year's show would be solely based on whether I win or lose.

"Quite unlike my Track and Field days when the first person to cross the finish line or jump the highest would win, I was at the mercy and whims of whoever the judges were. The work had been done and now it was time to reveal the fruits of my labor to others. In hindsight, it was the all too numerous occasions when I lost and came away bitterly disappointed that my subsequent work improved.

"Over time my feelings have shifted to think of each show as a success where we see some friends only once a year and gain an appreciation of everyone's creations and growth as well as the growth within the art. Since the mid 1960's I believe competitions have helped elevate certain aspects of decorative bird carving to levels of realism and presentation never imagined. We all learn from others and some of the best ideas are to be found displayed in the Novice categories. It's there that fresh ideas are put forth before anyone has told the artist that "They can't do that!"

Floyd Scholz

"At the 2018 show, David Inglefield, long time friend and fellow world class carver whose work amazes me!"
"In the world of bird carving, Larry Barth needs no introduction. Great to catch up at the 2018 show."
"Jett Brunet in my humble opinion, one of the greatest artists ever to touch a block of tupelo."

Ward World Championships 2015

"Having attended the Ward World Championships last April, I was delighted to visit with and catch up with so many friends! If there is one common thread which unites us, it's a mutual respect and admiration for the creative ways in which we all express through wood and paints our love of Birds and nature.

"Two particular highlights for me were to have an opportunity to say a few words in public about my friend Pat Godin during the Living Legends Dinner Friday night, and to spend time with another Legend, Ernie Muehlmatt.

"This year I entered a unique sculpture featuring a Keel Billed Toucan resting upon a balancing branch with a pair of Red-Eyed Tree Frogs on the other end. Yes, a departure from the ferocious Raptors for which I'm known, but it's a piece I've been wanting to do, so why not! (Note... I should have left a note for the judges pointing out that it is SUPPOSED to pivot gracefully around the pyramid base; they though it was broken and just balancing!)Sparverius

"As predicted by many, Larry Barth came away the winner. He's obviously got the formula figured out as this was his 16th Best in World win.

"I also enterred my kestrel Sparverius which placed 2nd in the Master`s division.

"My heart goes out to the great Todd Woldt who is fighting Cancer, yet continues to thrill us all with his artistry... he's one tough hombre!"


Floyd Scholz Honored at Ward Museum!

At the 2014 Ward World Championship Wildfowl Carving competition, Floyd was honored at a Friday night dinner as a recipient of the Living Legend Award.

Ward Museum Announces 2014 Living Legend Award Recipients
SALISBURY, MD--- Artists Andrew “Tan” Brunet, John B. Garton and Floyd Scholz will be recognized with the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art, Salisbury University's 2014 Living Legend Award.

See photos from the event!

The award highlights those who have been long-time advocates for wildfowl art and the Ward Museum; are generous in spirit and commitment to teaching others and passing on their knowledge, skills and talents; and have created an impact on the field of wildfowl art or the Ward World Championship competition.

Living Legend Award Presentation Banquet

A presentation banquet was held 5-8 p.m. Friday, April 25 at Harrison's Harbor Watch Restaurant in Ocean City, MD, following the museum's annual Ward World Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition and Art Festival.

For more information call 410-742-4988, ext. 120, or visit the Ward Museum website.

View the Artist page about Floyd Scholz on the Ward Museum website.

The Ward Museum strives to lead the way for advancing the understanding of wildfowl art and the interrelationships of art, nature and culture. Through educational programs, exhibits and events, the museum builds upon the legacy of Lem and Steve Ward to bring young and old to a great understanding of the human relationship to the natural world.

Floyd Scholz won People's Choice at the World Championship

Floyd's life-size Red-Tailed Hawk was voted "People's Choice" April, 2008 at the Ward Foundation World Championship Wildfowl Carving Competition in Ocean City, Maryland.

Floyd Scholz won Best in Show in the World Championship Master's Division

Floyd Scholz won Best in Show in the World Championship Master's Division with a carving of an Adult Barred Owl with a Black Racer Snake, April 22 - 24, 2005 at the Ward Foundation World Wildfowl Carving Competition in Ocean City, Maryland. Floyd was available to sign his books at the show and will sign internet orders.