• Barn Owl Carving 2013
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Basic Supplies List

Following are the basic supplies you will need to participate in a Floyd Scholz seminar.


  • PANAVISE (available through Jaymes Co.)
  • Screw type holding device to attach to bird while painting
  • Portable dust collection system (highly recommended)
  • Small work light (optional)
  • Gesswein
  • Foredom, NSK, Ram or other quality rotary tool
  • Wood burning System/detailer, feather etcher or fire brush
  • Assorted diamond carver & ruby carver bits
  • Small high speed stump cutters (Scholz seminar pkg. available through Jaymes Co.)
  • Rubber sanding drum with sleeves (1" drum, also available from Jaymes Co.)
  • X-Acto knife with replacement #11 blades
  • Clear, flexible ruler
  • Assorted grits of sandpaper (150, 220, 320 & 600 grits)

Painting Supplies

  • Airbrush with small compressor or tank (I highly recommend the Aztec Airbrush System available through Vermont Raptor Academy or Jaymes Co.)
  • Vermont Raptor Academy "Talon Sable," Raphael, Langnickel or comparable top-quality brushes, #1 and #6 (view them in our store)
  • 1/2" sable oval wash brush (available through Jaymes Co. or Curt's Waterfowl Corner)
  • Gesso (Liquitex or comparable quality)
  • Blow dryer, paper towels (Bounty preferred)
  • Glass jar for water (brush cleaning)
  • Box of flat toothpicks (for mixing paints)
  • White plastic disposable plates (or preferred palates)

Paints (Acrylic)

  • Ultramarine blue, burnt umber, yellow ochre (or oxide), burnt sienna, Payne's grey, cadmium red medium, black, cadmium yellow, raw umber, raw sienna
  • Acrylic Mat Medium — Jo-Sonja flow medium


  • 5 minute epoxy resin
  • A & B 2-part plumbers epoxy, specify white! (available from Curt's Wildfowl Corner or Jaymes Co.)
  • Disposable dust masks
  • Reference photos (recommended)

Supplied by The Vermont Raptor Academy

  • Roughed-out blank
  • We supply eyes and feet
  • Lunches and much more!

Note from Floyd...

Once registered, you will receive an email with seminar-specific supplies needed (if any) and additional supplied materials (if any). Feel free to discuss with me in advance by phone.

Floyd Scholz

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